This week you learned what Niagara Falls looks like without all that water. You got worked up over more TSA stupidity. You scrambled your brain and ruined your eyesight with our 3D shooting challenge. Baby, it may cold outside, but in here things are really starting to heat up. Below, check out the five steamiest Gizmodo posts this week!

# 5: 140,139 views
Unseen Photos of Niagara Falls Without Water


# 4: 143,458 views
35 Phenomenal Photos...IN 3D!!!!!

# 3: 155,982 views
This Week's Best Apps

# 2: 174,194 views
These Apps Are Rampantly Stealing Your Info Without Permission

# 1: 218,828 views
The TSA Let a Loaded Gun Get on an Airplane


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