Stranger Things is Pushed Into Pure Absurdity in YouTube Parody

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Anyone following io9 on the weekends has learned that I have a soft spot for ridiculous, low-budget YouTube parodies. The combination of enthusiasm and silliness is infectiously fun. In this new Stranger Things parody, all those elements come together to make something absolutely ridiculous.


The people at devinsupertramp (how do they come up with these names?) have a few nice touches that make this parody really pop. First, they replace all the adults with kids and all the kids with adults. Then, they exaggerate the E.T. references until they get about as dumb as possible. Also: UHaul trucks. And one very special cameo.

You can watch it below, and you can also check out a goofy holiday-themed parody by some of the same people over here. I could watch these all day. And I probably will.




That was a pretty beautiful cameo. Why would you spoil it by showing it as the main preview pic for the video?