Strapping a GoPro on a Sword Is the Best Way to Watch a Watermelon Get Slaughtered

Mounting a GoPro onto a sword and then watching it chop the hell out of things is awesome, but it isn’t as easy as I thought. You can’t just tape a camera down on one end of the blade and hope for the best, because the shot will look all wacky. The sword moves too fast so it’s all blurry, the camera angle is capturing the wrong thing, and everything is bad.

If you want to see the process without actually doing the work, however, Sam and Niko have you covered. They documented the whole saga of getting a GoPro on a katana, and it’s actually very interesting to see the trial and error of it all—solving one problem seems to just lead to another. Eventually they come up with a method that works well enough, allowing us to see watermelon slaughter in all its gutsy glory.

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I beg to differ good sir!