After careening into a wall outside of Rankin, PA, one Street View photographer has been trapped, and condemned to send dispatches from a horrifying hellscape, forever. This is the highly empirical theory that the internet, and I, am sticking with.

As per the instructions by the gentleman on Reddit who found this anomaly, "click forward." And as per my instructions, click forward again. And again, and again, and again. Again!


Then sputter a little prayer in Latin, exorcise your laptop, slaughter a baby goat, whatever you have to do to help this man escape this fiery, oddly typographical abyss, which never ends. (Except for when it does, somewhere around East Pittsburgh.)

Update: Reader Chris Walker desperately clawed at the walls of the fiery nothingness for quite a while, and eventually found his way out. This is the first thing he saw when he came out?


Glorious. [Reddit]