Stream Videos on the Cheap, Flip a Ship, and Resurrect Chopin

It's time to move away for the usual Rock Band/Guitar Hero single-band spinoffs. Let's start looking to the masters. Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. We've already got the Chopin game ready to go. While rocking to the true classics, you can flip a ship and stream your favorite symphonies.

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Air Media Center: There are tons of media streamers for the iPad. What sets Air Media Center apart from the crowded streaming party is its ability to stream content with on-the-fly conversion turned off for higher quality streams and price. It's only a $1. I think I can handle a buck for video streaming. $1

FlipShip: Kotaku says, "The most clever twist of FlipShip didn't reveal itself to me until, about a half-dozen rounds into this top-down shooter, I finished a game with a score of exactly zero. Then I realized that this game wasn't predicated on twitch skills but knowing, in an arcade sense, when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Or, in this case, when to flip 'em." $1


Frederic - Resurrection of Music: Kotaku says, "Odd then that the game's true charm lay in revitalizing old music with new styles. Each stage culminates in a musical battle between Chopin and his latest foe, playing one of nine glorious remixes of the composer's most famous pieces. His waltzes, preludes, and nocturnes are magically transformed into hip electronica, feel-good reggae beats, and spaghetti Western themes, each one more enticing than the next." $2


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