Street Muttz: Badass Toy Dogs (Many From Street)

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A Street Mutt is like any other toy stray dog "hoping that you'll give him a warm home and rescue him from the mean streets." How is one rewarded for such toy philanthropy (other than a sure seat in toy K9 heaven)? Featuring motion sensing, the dogs will make sounds of panting/whimpering/growling as you approach.


Finally, a stuffed animal that will disrespect my authority in a way that a real dog would never dare. Now if they could only get those 'pee all over my couch' and 'chew up my shoes' functions working, we could force all those actually real, happy stray dogs to rot in the pound. About $25.

Product Page [via ubergizmo]

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Robot dog... blowup sex doll... artificial sweetner...Synthahol on the Enterprise... Japanese robot friends... See a trend here? It's all fake! Just get a freaking dog. The reason people have doogies is to be treated like a rock star when you get back from a 20 minute trip to the store. It's to have someone literally jumping for joy to see you when you get back from buying BBQ supplies for dinner.

If you want a stuffed animnal, by all means get one of those, but otherwise ignore the marketing ploy of a stuffed animal that makes prerecorded whimpering/barking noises.

If you're that desperate go to a local nursing home and keep yelling "Grandma it's you!" until you find a woman with Alzheimers who believes you're her grandson and will go home with you, believing herself to be rescued.