Stretchable Power Cables Mean Your Charger Will Always Reach the Outlet

Every USB charging and adapter cable I use is always just a few inches too short. But that could soon change thanks to a japanese company that's created elastic wiring that can stretch up to 1.5 times its original length.


Initially developed for use in robotics and machinery where power cables usually need extra slack to accomodate movement, Asahi Kasei Fibers realized that its Roboden elastic cabling also had potential in other applications. Its remarkable ability to stretch and return to its original length like bungee cable also made it ideal for use in electronically enhanced clothing, without making the wearer feel like they were being constricted.

When applied to power and data cables it means you're always going to have a few extra inches of slack whenever a cable just isn't long enough to reach. And unlike Apple's Magsafe connector which is designed to easily disconnect when it's accidentally yanked, elastic cables would simply provide a bit more give while remaining connected. It also means your drawer full of random cables could serve double duty for securing luggage and other items to your car's roof rack. [DigInfo via Engadget]


Great idea to make cable like this. But you'll have to fixate on the surface or something. Because otherwise your cell phone (for example) would sling against the wall. Not so fun.

Might be more useful for that extra inch and to prevent them from breaking due too much stretching.

And knowing myself. I shoot everyone and everything with rubberbands when I see one and always end up hurting myself. Having these would kill me and objects around me within weeks.