Striking Verizon Workers Destroying Internet Cables?

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Lots of Verizon technicians are very angry at their employer—around 45,000 of them. And it appears some of them are pissed enough to sabotage Verizon's fiber optic network, the Boston Globe reports—they're slashing cables.


Verizon's claimed twelve intentional acts of telecom destruction, from Massachusetts to Maryland. In some cases, equipment's been pilfered, while other areas have seen vital cables cut, severing the flow of precious data.

Now Verizon's got a 50 grand bounty out for those responsible.

Labor strikes are nothing out of the ordinary—and neither is labor sabotage. Disgruntled employees have been destroying the equipment that formerly comprised their livelihood since the Industrial Revolution. The term Luddite itself springs from a zealous movement of gear-wrecking labor leaders. It's a radical tactic, and certainly a desperate one. We'll see if it's as effective today as it was two centuries ago. It gets attention, but blacking out the TV and internet service of the people whose money winds up in your paycheck isn't usually the best means of ingratiation.

Then again, these actions likely represent the small, small minority of those tens of thousands striking. It'd be a mistake to conflate the radical actions of a few with the legitimate grievances of a large labor bloc. [Boston Globe]

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I believe I'm a victim of this. I came home last night after work to my fiberoptic cable ripped from my building lying in the street and Verizon workers surrounding the street with their strike posters held high. Now I'm looking at 9 days with no internet or television at home (due to they're essentially being no workers to come out and fix the line), and as a web designer that essentially puts me out of work for a week and a half.

If your strike is effecting the work and income of people not associated with your strife, i think you're doing it wrong.