Stuff We Didn't Post Today (and Why)

Job Postings Reveal That Microsoft's Not Stopping At Windows 7...Carpool LED Signs Pretend That We All Get Along...Biodegradable Plastics To Be Made Out Of Green Gunk...I Don't Have Enough Fingers And Toes For Ideum's New Multitouch Table

We really didn't need postings on Microsoft's Careers page to tell us that a successor to Windows 7 is in the works. The only information in those job ads is that there could be some focus on Internet Information Services (IIS) and Windows Live Mail integration. Other than that Microsoft just plain appears to be setting everything up for testing future development builds. Please page me when there's a leaked version of the builds, until then these are just job postings. [Ars Technica]


Like most concepts designs, this Carpool LED sign is great in theory. You're supposed to stick it on the top of a car (or even a cab) to show that you're willing to carpool and how many seats remain open. That's fantastic except it doesn't take into account that some of us don't want to pick up creepy, smelly strangers in the same fashion we would hitchhikers. The Halloween movies I've watched today even further prove this as a bad idea. [Yanko Design via Uber Gizmo]

A company called Cereplast decided that making plastic junk out of tapioca, corn, wheat and potatoes isn't gross enough. So now they're making flimsy cutlery out of that green gunk that builds on on water. Frankly, I don't care how much petroleum is saved in comparison to traditional plastic, I just plain don't want to shove something made of algae into my mouth. [Pop Sci]


Ideum has made yet another ultra-wide touchscreen surface and this one's designed to be capable of recognizing up to 50 different simultaneous touch points. I guess it could be fun if I had a few extra fingers or if a bunch of people crowded around and used all their toes. Geez. Can we just plain skip overdoing it with the touch points and work on getting one of these into my office? [Slashgear]


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