Subliminal Flickering Extends TV Ads To Your Phone

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The idea of an interactive TV experience where additional information about a show or a product could be simultaneously accessed on another device has been tossed around for a while. But Fujitsu's new subliminal transmission technology might finally make it an easy and unobtrusive reality.


Instead of visual cues like on-screen QR codes which can be distracting, the company has developed a system where data is encoded into the rapid flashing of a display's brightness. It's completely imperceptible to the human eye, but a smartphone's camera is easily able to detect and decode the signal, launching specific websites or downloading additional content. It's claimed to work up to almost 10 feet away, takes just a few seconds for a signal to be shared, and a user can point their smartphone anywhere at the screen. The only drawback might be the need for a subtle on-screen cue indicating when additional content might be available. Oh, and that it's another way for marketers to suck every last bit of disposable income from your checking account.

Illustration for article titled Subliminal Flickering Extends TV Ads To Your Phone

[Engadget via Newlaunches]

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I think the advertisers have made 3 crucial misunderstandings about the kind of people who are 'techy' enough to utilize this kind of technology.

1) No one is going to have their smartphone out and the proper app running JUST in time to catch the advertisements, no would anyone waste their phone's battery attempting to scan each 3-5minute commercial break.

2) No one wants to interact with advertisements, even paper advertisements.

3) No one watches advertisements. We mentally tune them out, change the channel, hit mute, fast forward, or simply download content that is commercial-free.