Illustration for article titled Subtitle-Reading Glasses Make Cinema-Going for the Hard of Hearing Less, um, Hard

Here's something that could be a godsend for the hard of hearing who feel they are not getting their money's worth in the movie theater. A nifty little idea thought up by some clever people at Madrid's Carlos III University for the Spanish Center for Subtitles and Closed Captions, this gadget fixes onto a person's glasses to give them access to subtitles—even in a subtitle-free showing.


The technology is simple: There is a computer in the cinema that emits the subtitles to within 50 meters, and also deals with their synchronization. A receptor in the glasses captures the signal and projects it onto the microscreen, which fits over the right-hand lens. It's easy as pie to use—one button turns the gadget on and off and another one restarts it.

Gafas con subtitulos a la carta [El Mundo]

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