Our new friend at Bargain Jack found a great deal, a Maxtor 200GB internal hard drive for $40 shipped. It's an Ultra ATA/133 disk running at 7200RPM, and it might just be perfect for that array you've been thinking about building. We're liking this deal—Bargain Jack did the math for us, reminding us that we're talking about 63% off retail here.

What's the catch? You have to come up with $110, and then you'll get $70 back (form is linked below) as a rebate, and the offer ends tomorrow. Shipping is free, but if there's an Office Depot in your state, they'll clip you for the sales tax. Still, 200GB hard drive for $40-something? We'll take it.


Maxtor 200GB Internal Hard Drive [Office Depot, via Bargain Jack] Thanks, Jack!

Rebate form

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