Sun Photo Binoculars With Built-in Digital Camera

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Yeah, this can only have noble uses. This I am absolutely sure of. From Korea comes a pair of Sun Photo binoculars with a 2 megapixel digital camera built-in. Why would you need a pair of binoculars with a digital camera? Perhaps all those birdies you're looking at just want their picture taken? Yeah, that must be it.

The binoculars/camera feature a 8X zoom, a paltry 16MB of internal memory and an SD/MMC slot.


While you're busy taking pictures of your helpless victims from afar, may I suggest a few other items to go along with your slow descent into madness, like the video spy glasses and the ever-popular rearview mirror sunglasses?

The binoculars will retail for around $388 when they're released in Korea.

Digital binoculars equipped with 2M digital camera [Aving]


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