Sun Visor Theater: Watch Movies While You Avoid the Cops

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Swap out your car's sun visor for the Sun Visor Theater, and suddenly you have yourself an entertainment center in your passenger's face. Too bad you'll have the highway patrol in your face as soon as they catch you with this multimedia center that's easily visible from the driver's seat, against the law in most states.

If you don't mind risking a moving violation, this is loaded with features. It has a DVD player that can also handle CDs and MP3s, an SD card reader for your fave media, a USB port for your laptop, a remote control and a TV receiver built in. All that displays on a 7-inch LCD 16:9 widescreen display that also has touchscreen capability. Too bad the audio transmits to your car radio via FM, probably resulting in noisy and static-y sound. A questionable value for $299.

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