Sunrich Technology 32GB ExpressCard SSD Has Our Eyebrow Raised

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Unlike yesterday's unquestionably, uh, questionable 64GB and 128GB USB Micro Vaults, this solid-state disk is as real as the subject of any press release. We've played with them before, but this one's promising 32GB, a massive drive that slides right into that mostly unused little ExpressCard 34 slot on your newish laptop, and could very well make you oh-so-happy by holding, oh, say, your entire OS. How about a speedy flash-based boot up? The US rep says it works with Vista and supports Windows ReadyBoost. He also says that as a low-power drive, it could boost your battery life. The release that you can see below is an announcement for production and not for retail, but we have connected with the company, and in spite of the funky shot above, this appears to be a go.


Sunrich Technology's ExpressCard Solid State Drive

Sunnyvale, Ca - (Business Wire) - Dec 28, 2007 Sunrich Technology is a leading manufacturer of I/O Connectivity and Storage products for consumer and business professionals.

The Sunrich Technology ExpressCard Solid State Drive (SSD) offers a reliable low-power, ease of use solution for customers who need to add high performance and high capacity plug-in storage to their laptop or notebook computers. The card fits easily into the ExpressCard slot of newer laptop or notebook computers and delivers extra removable memory storage and reliable data backups.

Key Benefits:

* High performance plug-in storage
* Large memory capacity:
Available in 4, 8, 16, and 32GB for MLC
(Multi-Level Cell) Flash
Available in 4, 8, and 16GB for SLC ( Single-Level Cell) flash
* Easy installation with full Plug-n-Play
* Works with Windows ReadyBoost to improve system performance
* Compact ExpressCard / 34 form factor is completely concealed in ExpressCard slot
* Low power consumption reduces battery drainage on laptop or notebook computers
* Supports Windows Vista

Sunrich Technology is now taking production orders for the Solid State ExpressCard.


[Sunrich Technology]

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Hey, i use the pcexpress slot. thats where I keep my tuner remote, and a handy little "vault" that stores a few emergency twenty$.