Super Bowl to San Francisco: "Can You, Like, Take Down All Those Icky Bus Wires?"

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Super Bowls and public transportation don’t always mix, and sometimes the result is nothing less than apocalyptic. Usually the problem is that cities need more transit to handle more people. But here’s the odd idea for the next Super Bowl, being held in San Francisco: Take some of that transit away.


That’s the request from the Super Bowl 50 committee, which wants to convert the city’s Market Street into the fan village or “Super Bowl City.” And the overhead wires which power the Muni system’s buses just aren’t going to work with their plans, says the SF Examiner:

The committee planning Super Bowl City are asking that Muni’s overhead wires be taken down near Justin Herman Plaza, the San Francisco Examiner has learned, potentially disrupting service of Muni’s historic streetcars and wire-dependent buses.

Supervisor Jane Kim, whose district includes the plaza, said she thought the potential plan was well-known.

“Yeah, that’s real,” she said. “The [Super Bowl] committee has been very open about it. They’ve said that’s what they want.”

She added, “They’ve definitely been asking to take down the overhead wires on Market Street.”

Besides the fact that this is a clinically insane thing to do after the infamous public transit nightmare of Super Bowl 48 where thousands of fans were stranded and trapped on the way home from the game, it’s going to be incredibly expensive for the city. The Examiner estimates a “seven-figure number” to take them down and put them back up.

But what this request really ignores is how much it will disrupt life for all the transit-dependent people who use this stretch of Market Street for the weeks before and after the game. It’s kind of the same way they’re planning to ignore the local homeless community by “relocating” them.

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Fuck sports and people who think that everyone’s lives should revolve around them. Especially fuck anyone and everyone involved in spending public money on them.