Super Monkey Ball for iPhone Lightning Review: Addictive, Hard as Hell

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The App: Super Monkey Ball, probably the biggest game in the App Store today, mates the longstanding franchise's primate-in-a-bubble rolling to the iPhone's accelerometer interface.


The Price: $9.99

Verdict: Simple, addictive fun, but a bit frustrating. If you're used to Monkey Ball's motion-sickness-inducing control setup (and you don't mind looking like a jackass on the subway) you'll have a blast. You can roll your way through 5 worlds of 11 stages each on two difficulty levels which are unlocked linearly. You've got your pick of four monkeys of varying ages and genders to put in the ball, but after that, it's a whole lot of rolling to the goal without falling off the edge.

But get ready to fall off the edge. A lot. The accelerometer control scheme does get better as you get used to it, but after about 30 minutes of play I was still having a lot of trouble finding the neutral point. But if nothing else, the graphics are definitely on the high-end for a cellphone game, which sets the tone nicely for the iPhone as a serious gaming platform. [Super Monkey Ball]


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Sorry for the double post- but I was just thinking that if perhaps a small developer or say an individual that's a talented programmer develops an application that becomes a 'must have' and the individual decides to charge only $1 for it but has the potential to reach 10 million owners- that alone would make him $7 million for his efforts if all bought it.

*Note to self: Learn C/C++ or whatever programming language is used. And come up with a killer idea!