Surely, Mehrzelle's Inhalt Multicellular Caravan Is A Mistake

Nothing wrong with wanting a customized trailer, but this design from the folks at Mehzelle seems a bit overkill, especially when paired up with a generic minivan in the marketing materials.

Luckily (I think), interested buyers can work with the "only Configurator" to design a caravan that's completely unique, like the seemingly Picasso-inspired one above:

"Using the online Configurator, every user sets up a design that is unique, their own layout that they can identify with. The configuration is generated by a computer using the customer's inputs, and then the final design is done by parameters from the architects to yield an attractive and practicable result. The caravans are produced using the principles of 'mass customization': this allows both the individual wishes of the customer to be accommodated while producing the caravan with series methods."


Just seems like a lot of wasted space to me. [LikeCool via Born Rich]

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