You thought Walter and the Dude got mad when that guy stepped over the line in The Big Lebowski? Just wait until they run into this bewitched remote-controlled bowling ball. The Dude most certainly does not abide, man.


Sadly, there's more tech involved here than witchcraft, which doesn't exist. Instead, this cheater's bowling ball, created by the nefarious folks at 900 Global, uses an internal "weight screwed onto a threaded shaft inside the ball," and perhaps an incarcerated hamster to steer itself down the lane and into the target.

Illustration for article titled Surely, This Remote-Controlled Bowling Ball Is the Devils Contraption

I joke about cheating, but the goal here is actually to help young children and those with physical limitations bowl better. Perfection ain't cheap though: The 900 Global ball will run you $1,500. And your immortal soul! [Popular Mechanics via Gawker TV]

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