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How the Heck Does This Ball Not Roll Off This Roof?

If it looks like a roof and it’s sloped downward like a roof, it should act like a damn roof and have stuff freaking slide off it, right? Not when it comes to Kokichi Sugihara’s “Impossible Rooftop.” Even if you place a ball on top of this model house’s roof, it won’t roll off. Instead, the ball will break physics, bend gravity, and probably even time travel a little as it dances all around the roof’s edges—until it finally settles on top of the roof’s ridge.


Perspective is a helluva drug, man.

[ASOBIDEA via BoingBoing]

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Flying Squid (Today is my last day on Kinja. Bye.)

You could have put up this video of the same illusion which also shows how it’s done...