Surprise! Samsung Is Also Having an Event Next Week

The company announced a Galaxy Unpacked "part two" is Wednesday, Oct. 20, just after Google and Apple reveal their latest products.

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If you love gadgets, next week is going to be a pretty big deal. Samsung just announced that its next event, Galaxy Unpacked part two, is on Wednesday, Oct. 20. Apple’s second fall event, where we expect to see new MacBooks and AirPods, is Monday, Oct. 18, and Google will officially launch the Pixel 6 on Tuesday, Oct. 19. Excited yet?

Samsung didn’t tease what’s to come at its event, but we’re certain we won’t see an addition to the Galaxy Note lineup. Rumor has it we probably won’t see a Galaxy S21 FE, either, which means Samsung might just have some actual surprises in store. The S21 FE, which was expected to package Galaxy S21 features in a cheaper device, was rumored to have been canceled outright, but recent leaks indicate that it’s actually been delayed until January, with the Galaxy S22 pushed back to later in 2022.

The rumor mill around Samsung’s event has run a little counter to the buildup to Apple and Google’s October events, in which we’ve seen a slew of leaks and speculation around the companies’ big fall products. Samsung’s event invite also doesn’t give much away. There are a few app icons seen floating into colorful boxes, but no hardware featured.


The invitation reads: “Our users are multifaceted and live life in so many colorful, interesting, and unique ways. As such, the technology they use every day should reflect their individuality. Join Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 on October 20 to see how Samsung is opening up new experiences for self-expression through technology.”

If you can decipher that clue, drop it in the comments below.

Samsung will stream its event on its YouTube channel and website at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT on Wednesday, Oct. 20. Stay tuned for all the news as it unfolds (though we don’t expect any foldables, either, so sorry for that).