Swarm-bots Converge On Child, Rescue Her From Freaky Parents

The collective power of many little robots could do a lot of good for the world. But for now, it just pulls little children across the floor in a freaky way.

Still, I find myself transfixed as the robots self-organize, connecting to one another like a giant train to stack their power for a greater purpose. It's also pretty funny to watch the poor child who must be thinking, "this was not worth that stupid Barbie, not at all." [EPA via MAKE]


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The demo must have failed.

Notice that when they started pulling the child there were five of the bots illuminated in red pulling at the childs leg.

It seemed that those five bots were veering away and twisting toward the bottom of the shot when the camera zoomed in on the childs face.

Then the camera showed the child being dragged again but in that take there were only four bots pulling at the childs leg.