Sweden Will Soon Have The World's First Pirate ISP

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Piratpartiet, Sweden's copyright-fighting political party, apparently plans to launch and fund an anonymized pirate-friendly ISP. And their sneaky ploy is actually quite clever:

The ISP leverages the power of existing Net anonymizer service Via Europa, so that customers will remain anonymous. The idea is presumably that if Pirate ISP clients do partake in file sharing that angers the RIAA, the MPAA (or anyone else with a penchant for a sue-first-innovate-your-business-later policy) then they'll be untraceable. Any legal action may then devolve to the Piratpartiet, which has the skills and funds to properly combat the cases—particularly since some of the fees paid to the new ISP will help fuel the party's coffers.

While the whole plan sounds great on paper, we'll have to wait and see if those crazy pirates actually pull it off. [Fast Company]