Swype's Keyboard Is Now Out of Beta and in the Play Store—For $1

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Swype has finally dropped its Beta tag and gone official—which means it's now in the Play store, easy to install, and no longer free.


Developers at Nuance—the company which purchased Swype in 2011—clearly deem the latest version of the Android Keyboard, 1.5, finished and ready for full public consumption. In reality, aside from a little polish and some better tie-ins with Dragon Mobile Assistant, the app is much the same as the last release. It's still better than most Android keyboards, though—and in fact, at $1, it's a whole $3 cheaper than its biggest rival, SwiftKey.

Now it's out of Beta and in Play, users won't have to sign up for the software, nor have to worry about installing software from unknown sources. You can still download the beta version—for now—but at $1, and with Nuance stating that the price is for a "limited time", it might be best to actually stump up the cash. [Google Play via Swype via Engadget]

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I do not get "swyping". I'd have to watch the virtual "keys" while keeping an eye on the predictive words and also focus on wherever I was entering the text all at the same time. Add to that my fingers would always be hiding a few keys, so I'd have to kind of tilt the phone around to peer around them to find the "D" or whatever. Yuck. It's like hunt and peck all over again.

You might ask why I tried such a thing. Well, it came with the stock N9, and every so often while trying to switch tasks, I'd accidentally "swype" my regular keyboard away and get the "swyper" in its place.