Syfy's Creepypasta-Inspired Show Looks Absolutely Terrifying

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Syfy’s original programming is generally heavy on fantasy (The Magicians) and science fiction (Killjoys). Horror seems like a logical next step, and if this exclusive peek at anthology series Channel Zero is any indication, the network is about to inspire nightmares galore. Visceral, traumatizing nightmares.


Here’s the official description of the show’s first season:

Channel Zero: Candle Cove is based on Kris Straub’s unnerving short story from creepypasta that gained notoriety online. It centers on one man’s obsessive recollection of a mysterious children’s television program from the 1980s – and his ever-growing, dreadful suspicions about the role it might have played in a series of nightmarish and deadly events from his childhood.

And here’s the brief but potently dread-inducing clip, entitled “The Tooth Child is Hungry.”

Holy. Dental. Terror. Well done, Syfy. That is just terrifying.

Channel Zero: Candle Cove premieres September 27.

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Michael Munro

As an aficionado of short horror fiction, Candle Cove is one of the most disturbing stories I’ve ever read. Looking forward to this show.