SynchroCam Tethers Your iOS Devices to Make Mobile 3D Gifs

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Ok, so packing two cameras onto a single phone to snap 3D pictures was kind of a bad idea. But what if you could just double the phone-count and do the same? The new SynchroCam app does just that.

The free iPhone app wirelessly tethers two iOS devices together to generate 3D Gifs. The pair of devices—preferably of the same kind—are positioned side-by-side, the user then centers the focal point in both screens' viewfinders, and takes the shot. Synchrocam then stitches the two images together into a 3D image. The technology is currently limited to just two phones, but if more devices can be added with furture updates, imagine the awesome 3D panoramic shots your could take. [iTunes via Petapixel]