Syntax-Brillian Rolls Out Giant 65-inch Olevia LCD With All the Trimmings

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Syntax-Brillian joined the huge-screen LCD club today at Infocomm with its Olevia 665i 1080p LCD TV (similar model pictured above), featuring a big ol' 65-inch screen and that Silicon Optics Realta HQV video processor that's captured the hearts of many a TV watcher. That's a great little piece of electronics to have around if you're scaling up standard definition video from DVDs into that much-coveted 1080p format. Heck, it's occupying space in all the toniest receivers, Blu-ray and HD DVD players, so it must be good.

But then, we were never fans of upscaling anyway, even if it does have 10-bit video processing, pixel-by-pixel noise reduction and motion adaptive video de-interlacing. Phooey. If upscaling is so goddamn great, why go to all the trouble of actually having 1080p HDTV sources?


Anyway, we do happen to like 65-inch screens displaying genuine (not upscaled, but the real thing) 1080p video, so this would be a prime candidate for our techno-lust, especially considering that its price tag will be a mere $10,000 this October. For that you get all that great rez, a slew of inputs including two HDMI ports, and overscan-reducing Olevia technology in a thin bezel design that we wish we had a picture of to show you. As soon as we see it on Woot for 75% off, we're jumping all over that thing.

Press Release [Syntax-Brillian]

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Sharp Aquos LC-65D93U 65" is already selling at $8000 for a while. Why do I have to wait for a less known brand for a higher price tag?