Syrian Rebels Turn Fuel Truck Into Giant Flamethrower

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If you needed further proof of how mad things are in Syria right now, watch this video of a group of rebels using a fuel truck as a giant flamethrower against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's troops.

According to Twitter user Nuffsilence, the clip shows the actions of a group of rebels of the Free Syrian Army in El Atareb, a town in the country's northern province of Aleppo, just south of the border with Turkey. El Atareb has been the scenario of several battles.


It first shows some captured government troops around a burned armored vehicle that was part of an army checkpoint.


Then—around the 2:35 mark—one guy holds a hose connected to the fuel truck while his pal lights the fuel as it sprays their target. And hell ensues.

They just don't care if the whole thing explodes or not. It's absolutely nuts.