System Fonts for Android Look Clean and Google-y

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Font talk isn't exactly stimulating (unless you're scary weird), but it's worth giving the fonts Ascender's developed for Android's system UI a close look since you'll be looking closely at them in Android's app menus, web browser and other texty situations. Overall, they seem pretty clean with a nice smoothness to them, and if they're being accurately represented size-wise, definitely readable from a decent distance away. More specifics, and your thoughts, this way:

The Droid family of fonts consists of Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono and Droid Serif. Each contains extensive character set coverage including Western Europe, Eastern/Central Europe, Baltic, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish support. The Droid Sans regular font also includes support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean support for the GB2312, Big 5, JIS 0208 and KSC 5601 character sets respectively.


For carriers, developers and manufacturers, Ascender's also willing to bend, shape, twist and tweak the Droid fonts, throw in additional language support or whip a whole new set of typefaces to go along with Android.

What do you guys think of what they've already got? [Typophile via Daring Fireball]



The sans serif version reminds me a lot of Clearview, the new font developed for highway and street signs that's starting to come into use in the US. Much easier to read than the old 'Highway Gothic'.