T-Mobile Customers, What Do You Guys Think About AT&T Buying T-Mobile?

T-Mobile users! AT&T bought T-Mobile and didn't ask you about it. How rude! That's why we're curious to see how you guys feel about your carrier being swallowed by AT&T.

Are you a long time T-Mobile customer pissed off at AT&T for ruining the first day of Spring? Are you a new customer who doesn't see what the fuss is about? Do you think this is bad for everyone? Do you already know which carrier you're jumping ship to? So many questions! Let us know how you feel in the comments.


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Colby Griggs

This sucks. I've been with T-Mo for 11 years and on the Even More Plus no contract plan since they came out with it. It's cheaper in the end (2 years) to pay for your phone outright upfront and get a $20 less a month plan. If AT&T douches that up, I'm gone. Problem is.....I don't know where to. I was waiting for the Pyramid announcement at CTIA this week and I guess I could just go Bionic.....but Verizon's pricing is insane for what you get. I priced out my 2 line family plan for minutes and data and it was $40+ more a month vs T-Mo. No thanks.

I sincerely hope this deal does not get approved by the FCC.