T-Mobile Dash Product and User Guide

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Catwoman broke into the T-Mobile servers and dropped a whole load of internal documents down our chimneys for all to see. The notable ones are the product guide (posted below), sales guides (to help them sell the product), a comparison to the Motorola Q on Verizon (posted below), and a FAQ to answer customer's questions.

The sales guide is kind of like a script for customer scenarios to talk them into buying a phone—some of which are quite funny. Some excerpts.


Single Professional Mother:

Sales Guy: How can I help you today?

Mother: Well, I'm looking to change to T-Mobile and I need a camera phone.

Sales Guy: What kind of work do you do?

Mother: I'm an insurance adjuster.


Wait, you're supposed to be an insurance adjuster! You went off script! Didn't you get the memo?

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Business Professional:

Sales Guy: First, what information do you keep in your planner now?

Business Pro: I have an assistant who plans out my appointments and updates my planner every day. She also calls me with updates throughout the day.

Sales Guy: Do you use your phone on the road?

Business Pro: I try not too [sic], too dangerous!


Are all customers supposed to make that joke?

Student in a Metropolitan Area:

Sales Guy:These are T-mobile hot-spots. With our Total Internet plan, you have access to over 7000 Wi-Fi locations nationwide. The T-Mobile Dash has Wi-Fi built in, so anytime you're near a hot-spot you can switch over to browse and download at broadband speeds.

Student: I don't know that I want to spend any more than I have too [sic], I need my Ramen money!


And so on.

Dash Guide

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