T-Mobile Mobile Internet Price Drops Leaked

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One of the main draws of getting T-Mobile internet, even though it's EDGE compared with the other three provider's 3G, was its low price. Now that price is getting even lower, with the Total Internet plan going down to $19 from $29, which is the plan you use with your smartphones like the T-Mobile Wing and Dash. BlackBerry plans also stay put at $19. The bad news is, however, that the Total Internet Package—the one that comes with T-Mobile Wi-Fi Access—will be going up to $39 for everyone. Changes should be coming September 16, which will be just in time for the iPhone unlocks to finalize and get the kinks worked out. [Boy Genus via Slashgear]

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The one without WiFi doesn't "go down" to $19.95, it goes back to where it was before some idiot at T-mobile decided to bundle WiFi with it.

Data on T-mobile was $19.95 for years before it was remarketed as "total Internet".