T-Mobile Data Stash: You Can Finally Get Rollover for Your Data Plan

This morning, T-Mo CEO John Legere talked specifics of "Data Stash," the company's new initiative to let you rollover your unused data month to month, rounded up to the nearest megabyte.

As part of Uncarrier 8.0, Data Stash is pretty much what it sounds like. If you don't use all the data you pay for one month, it will carrier over to the next month. To sweeten the deal, new and existing T-Mobile customers who qualify will also received 10 GB of data to start of with. "This is probably the biggest thing we've ever done since Uncarrier 1.0," Legere told Yahoo's David Pogue. He also called Pogue a habitual porn user.


Legere says on average, customers purchase 4 to 5GB of data and, also on average, those people leave 3GB of data unused. Now, T-Mobile won't clean off the table every month, it will also give you some leftovers to take home too. But that data will only last for a year at a time, so come January 2016, T-Mobile will wipe the slate clean completely.


All of this news comes a day after T-Mobile released supercharged LTE in the NYC area, allowing for speeds up to 100 Mbps that are 50 percent faster than T-Mobile's previous LTE speed limit.

Data Stash is a free service for T-Mobile customers that will begin in January 2015.


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