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T-Mobile Waives International Call Charges To and From Haiti

There's been tons of great tech-related charitable news this week, and here's a little more: As of last Thursday, T-Mobile USA has waived all international calls to and from Haiti. The program will last until January 31. Every little bit helps, and if you haven't donated yet, it's as easy as texting HAITI to 90999. [Ubergizmo]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Although I respect their decision to do this, they probably know the positive publicity they get out of this greatly outweighs the cost of offering this to its customers. What percentage of Americans have T-Mobile, and what percentage of T-Mobile users would be calling Haiti for any reason? Unless you have family/friends there, you probably won't be calling there anyway so T-Mobile isn't making some great sacrifice to offer this service.