T-Mobile webConnect 3G/Wi-Fi USB Stick Hands-On

T-Mobile's 3G laptop USB sticks are finally here. We just fondled their webConnect dongle, trying out its 3G capabilities from inside our home. Things look good.


First off is the speed test. 952kbps down and 318kbps up isn't too bad when you consider that T-Mobile's network is fairly new, and I was connecting from inside my house. The device itself is an L-shaped swivel that can hit up EDGE, 3G (HSDPA/UMTS), or Wi-Fi, if you're on a T-Mobile Hotspot. There's a slot for 8GB of microSD/SDHC memory, and comes with a male to female USB extension cable in order to avoid USB crowding.

The only downside now is that it's Windows-only, with OS X support "available in the coming months." It's always good when someone releases a 3G dongle, especially T-Mobile, who can definitely use more.


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