T-Mobile's Hotspot@Home is Like an Awkward, Pimply Teen that Can't Score

Illustration for article titled T-Mobiles Hotspot@Home is Like an Awkward, Pimply Teen that Cant Score

Much like an awkward teen, T-Mobile's Hotspot@Home is enduring some growing pains. Over the last several weeks, users have experienced frequent dropped calls, poor voice quality, or even complete lack of service. Apparently, the recent flooding at T-Mobile's main data center in Bothell, WA is at the root of the problem, but despite making adjustments, the situation with downtime persists. There is still no telling when things will be fully corrected —maybe after puberty when T-Mobile finds an outlet for its raging chubby. [Boy Genius]


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two things to clear up....

the $20 service fee is not needed to use the UMA feature aka voip

the $20 service includes unlimited calling in wifi areas


uma is down because of the flooding n has been up for 2 days straight without problems as i use the service n work for tmobile.

But it was down for a couple of days because of the flooding and the backup servers not reliable enough to handle all the @home phones.

With all the @home phones we now offer there is a mile selection for every user and for those of you who have the dash/wing/mda/shadow One day one of you will fix this problem with windows mobile 6 not using uma technology.

Either way buy T-mobile it pays my bill! jk but seriously what other company offers this kind of technology ?