T-Mobile's New US Stores Look Like Euro Sex Clubs

What do you think when you hear "T-Mobile store"? Nothing, because they're unremarkable in every way. Until now. Thanks to a jazzy makeover, T-Mobile's retail fleet has character! The character of a German stripper. Deutsche Telekom liebt dich, baby.

T-Mobile's emphasizing the "open" nature of the new American stores—it should be easier to navigate around, buy stuff, and then leave. Less hopeless searching. But really, how can you pay attention to anything but the harsh pink neon lights everywhere? The hardwood floors, the booths—T-Mobile says the new stores will offer a "private atmosphere," opportunities to "explore and play" in an "open environment." Wink. And just listen to that music! Is this where AT&T execs are going to have a morose corporate consolation orgy after their T-Mobile takeover gets nixed? At any rate, I'll be right in to get my dongle activated. [T-Mobile]

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