Lego Overwatch and a Wild Groot Puppet Are Among the Most Delightful Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly round-up of the coolest toys we’ve seen draining our wallets for a perpetually growing list of preorders. This week: Bastion the robot gets turned into Lego! Hot Toys is making an Infinity War meme a very expensive reality! Groot gets a disturbingly detailed puppet! And more!

Your Guide to Cable, Marvel Comics' Living Embodiment of Time-Travel Nonsense

Deadpool 2 is looking to finally bring Cable from the pages of Marvel comics to the big screen. But there’s one daunting aspect of that—how do you explain a comic book history as complex and as absurd as Cable has? For now, it sounds like the answer is to avoid as much of it as possible. Allow us to explain why that’s…