Court Rules FCC Must Release Records That Could Explain Fraudulent Net Neutrality Comments

A federal judge ruled last week that the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (currently chaired by Donald Trump appointee Ajit Pai) must release records related to millions of fraudulent public comments filed before the agency repealed net neutrality guidelines last year, Ars Technica reported.

Facebook Pulls Its Data-Harvesting Onavo VPN From App Store After Apple Says It Violates Rules

Facebook has yanked its vampiric Onavo Protect service—which purports to be a privacy-enhancing Virtual Private Network (VPN) but is by all indications data-harvesting Facebook spyware—from Apple’s App Store. The Wall Street Journal reports that a source said Facebook was compelled to remove the app after Apple “ruled…

Face Recognition Tool Helps Nice Hackers Grab Facebook, Instagram Data Just Like the Bad Guys 

Security researchers released a tool this week that lets you collect social media profiles of a massive amount of people using face recognition. While that might sound like a terrible idea, the tool’s creators say it will help security professionals by giving them the same tools as the bad guys.

Venezuelan Officials Allege Attempted Drone Assassination of President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan government officials say that two explosions at a military assemblage in Caracas on Saturday were in fact an attempt on President Nicolas Maduro’s life using bomb-carrying drones—and though the exact nature of just what happened is still being disputed, the idea that it indeed involved bomb drones isn’t as…

Report: The SamSam Ransomware Has Extorted $5.9 Million, and One Person Might Be Behind It

A recent review by UK cybersecurity firm Sophos in partnership with cryptocurrency firm Neutrino has concluded that the crew—or possibly one extremely proficient black hat hacker—behind the SamSam ransomware attacks have rolled in at least $5.9 million in ransom payments, according to BleepingComputer.

DC Organizers Say Anti-Racist Rally Facebook Took Down Is Real, Not Foreign

DC organizers are angry after Facebook took down what it said were 32 pages and accounts engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” on Tuesday, as one of the events was a local-backed counter-rally to the upcoming August 12th white supremacist “Unite the Right 2.0” rally in the nation’s capitol, DCist reported.

Turns Out That Soccer Ball Putin Gave Trump Has an NFC Chip in It, But It's Probably Harmless

While at a conference alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin at a high-profile conference in Helsinki this month, Donald Trump took some time out of relentlessly praising his counterpart—a former KGB foreign intelligence officer and currently suspected U.S. election-meddler—to accept a gift of one Adidas AG soccer…

Former Online Survey Worker Sentenced to 18 Months for Stealing $492,000 in Unclaimed Amazon Gift Cards

A Lexington, Kentucky man was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison on Monday, the Department of Justice wrote in a press release, for a data heist in which he abused his status as an employee of online polling company IntelliSurvey Inc. to snatch up nearly half a million dollars in unclaimed Amazon gift cards.