The Big Comics Villain of Daredevil's Third Season May Have Been Revealed

Woody Harrelson teases big plans for the future of his Venom character. Ron Howard really wants to make a Willow sequel. Rosario Dawson thinks her time in the Marvel universe is coming to an end. Deadly Class might be getting a new showrunner. Plus, casting rumors for Arrow and a new Disney animated movie, and…

Game of Thrones Set Pictures Tease a Big Battle in a Familiar Location

Hideo Kojima continues to be full of hope for the Metal Gear Solid movie. Zazie Beetz teases how X-Force will re-introduce the team. Clark Gregg hints at his Agents of SHIELD future. Plus, meet Preacher’s latest villain, get a look at NBC’s new near-future VR show Reverie, and Andy Serkis wants in on the Batman movie.…

More Rumors About When Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show Will Be Set

It: Chapter 2 casts some more adult versions of its original stars. Daredevil’s third season may be bringing in one of his greatest foes. Simon Kinberg promises a real and grounded X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but also aliens. Plus, a glimmer of hope for Lucifer’s return, and enter Shogunworld with new Westworld pictures. To…

Marvel Has Found Some Intriguing Writers for Its Eternals Movie

There’s more wild rumors about Ben Affleck’s future as Batman. Some very interesting set pictures for Daredevil reveal a surprise return. Robin Lord Taylor promises an apocalyptic Gotham finale. Plus, looks at the season finales of Once Upon a Time and The Flash, and behind the scenes on Solo: A Star Wars Story.…

New Gotham Set Pictures May Give Us a Sneaky Look at The Joker

Zachary Levi says “Shazam!” for, err, Shazam. Hawkeye is getting some cool new toys in Avengers: Infinity War, while the screenwriters behind Avengers 4 tease Captain Marvel’s arrival. Chris Carter discusses The X-Files’ future after last night’s finale. Plus, what’s to come on The 100 and Krypton. Behold, spoilers!

Updates on the Next Terminator Movie, Black Mirror's Return, and More

Emma Thompson is helping to bring a long-lost horror movie to life. Rampage is coming a little sooner than expected, thanks to Avengers: Infinity War. The Charmed reboot finds its final witch. Plus, John Wesley Shipp on Flash’s Flashtime powers, and Dan Stevens on Legion’s Professor X connection. Behold, spoilers!

A Major Figure from Matt Murdock's Past Is Coming to Hell's Kitchen for Daredevil's Third Season

After spending the last few months of his life fighting undead ninjas and foiling one of the weirdest plans for world domination in MCU history, it’s looking like Matt Murdock will get back to his Hell’s Kitchen roots in Daredevil’s third season. Marvel announced that Joanne Whalley is joining Netflix’s Daredevil next…

New Daredevil Set Pictures Tease a Major Event for the Kingpin

Barbara Broccoli discusses the future of Bond after Daniel Craig. Patty Jenkins teases a “totally different” Wonder Woman 2, as well as her attempts to get Lynda Carter to make a special appearance. Robbie Amell joins Amazon’s new scifi comedy. Plus, behind-the-scenes of Black Panther, and what’s to come in The Flash…

More Details on Kate Winslet's Mysterious Avatar 2 Character

James Franco confirms his involvement in the Multiple Man movie. Get a look at the stars of Avengers: Infinity War. Daredevil casts a major supporting character for the next season. Plus, see Lennie James’ arrival on Fear the Walking Dead, more pictures from Agents of SHIELD’s return, and a tease for the Doctor Who…

Updates on Glass, Captain Marvel, Daredevil and More

No, we don’t have our first look at Alden Ehrenreich’s Solo costume. Ben Mendelsohn discusses those villainous Captain Marvel rumors. The worlds of Split and Unbreakable collide in new footage from the set of Glass. Plus, what’s to come on Star Trek: Discovery and more Justice League footage. Spoilers now!

Report: Marvel and Fox Are Still Considering the Acquisition Deal That Would Bring Characters Back to the MCU

Hours after news broke earlier this week that Marvel and Fox had been in talks for weeks about Marvel potentially buying back the rights to a number of properties, including the X-Men and Fantastic Four, follow-up stories stated that the deal had stopped. According to a new report, though, the deal’s not dead yet.

The Punisher TV Series Originally Had No Plans to Include Karen Page

Given how integral Karen was to Frank Castle’s story in Daredevil season two, which helped the character go down so well he ultimately got his own show out of the deal, you’d think Deborah Ann Woll would have been a shoo-in to star in The Punisher. But it turns out at first she wasn’t part of the show’s plans at all.