Power Rangers' Post-Credit Scene Was Almost Much More Explicitly About the Green Ranger

Anyone who sat through Power Rangers’ credits long enough earlier this year saw the tiny mid-credit scene that teased the only logical next step for the franchise’s sequels: the introduction of Tommy Oliver, future Green Ranger. But according to screenwriter John Gatin, the scene was originally very different.

The Power Rangers Movie Doesn't Actually Want to Be a Power Rangers Movie

The final act of Power Rangers is everything you could want from a Power Rangers movie. It’s fun, funny, action-packed, and filled with so many Zords and monsters that you’ll actually feel like you’re watching a big-budget update of the popular kids’ franchise. The problem is that the 90 minutes preceding it wants as…

The New Power Rangers Comic is the Exact Sort of Nostalgia Trip You Wanted, and More

Within the first six pages of Boom’s new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series, the teen heroes declare that it’s “Morphin’ Time” and hold out the small handheld devices that transform them into the Power Rangers. It’s a moment that is ripped straight from the TV series so cleanly, I almost felt like a kid again.

Secret Origins Of The Japanese Superhero Show That Became Power Rangers

If you look at the picture above, you probably think of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, costumed heroes who have been kicking their way across TV in different incarnations for nearly 20 years—but you’d be wrong. These are actually the Zyurangers, the stars of a Japanese TV series that inadvertently spawned a global…