F—k Yes to Snow White's Ridiculous Swan Dress In this new Mirror Mirror featurette!

We were all aboard the Snow White and the Huntsman's brand of dark fantasy, laced with Willow-esque fantasies and actually evil Queens. Then we saw this new featurette for the other Snow White flick, the campy Mirror Mirror — in which little Snow White runs around in a swan dress. With a swan head. Fuck, and yes. The…

Watch Julia Roberts go full Schlockula Evil Queen in Tarsem Singh's Snow White movie trailer

Last week, we showed you the gothic trailer for the dark fantasy Snow White movie — now take a look at a fairytale trailer that's the exact opposite. Watch Tarsem Singh's ridiculous Mirror Mirror! and behold Julia Roberts as she splashes about in a Olympic-sized pool of cheese wizzy slapstick and Scarface jokes.