A Highly Scientific and Totally Serious Ranking of the Giant Robot Names in Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim has giant robots in it. The Jaegers are great, but a large part of their greatness is because they all have utterly fantastic names. We’ve crunched the data and have thus developed an objective and completely unassailable ranking of Jaeger names from across the Pacific Rim universe—from the movies as well…

This Lego Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Un-Cancels the Apocalypse With Thousands of Bricks

We’re already excited for what will undoubtedly be another giant robot smashapalooza when Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters on March 23. But then someone went and painstakingly recreated the sequel’s first trailer using everyone’s favorite building toy, and now we’re also pining for some official Lego Jaeger sets.

Updates on Detective Pikachu, Silver & Black, and More

What superhero movie could Thomas Hayden Church be appearing in? You’re going to have to wait a bit longer to see The Predator and Alita: Battle Angel. Plus, new looks at iZombie and Gotham, and Andy Serkis talks about whether or not he’ll be part of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings. Happy Valentines, we got you some lovely…

The He-Man Movie Has Been Hit With Another Setback

Emilia Clarke teases the mysterious Qi’ra’s role in Solo: A Star Wars Story. There’s already wild speculation about the villain of Wonder Woman 2. V could be making a comeback, in movie form. Matt Letscher teases the one CW/DC spinoff we probably won’t see. Plus, more teases for Krypton and Ash vs. Evil Dead. By the…

Pacific Rim Uprising's Japanese Trailer Gives Us a Little More Mako Mori

The two Pacific Rim Uprising trailers we’ve had so far have promised more of everything we loved from the first film. More giant robots, more giant monsters, that sort of thing. But they’ve been a bit scant on something else we want more of: Rinko Kikuchi’s returning hero from the first film, Mako. This new trailer…

Game of Thrones Set Footage Reveals a Dire Future for One Major Location

The Mario movie is, err, a-go. The cast of Detective Pikachu keeps getting weirder. Paramount has its eyes on a big new genre franchise. Andy Serkis talks about Snoke’s Star Wars future. Wesley Snipes is still holding out hope for a new Blade. Plus, what’s to come on Black Lightning and The X-Files. Huzzah for…

In the New Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer, a New Generation of Heroes Rises

Our latest look at the next chapter in Pacific Rim’s robot-vs-monster punchup is here, and it’s promising to bring us plenty of new action with the film’s next generation of Jaegers. But it also gives us some more intriguing hints as to just why the Kaiju have returned, stronger and deadlier than ever.

The First, Cryptic Teases for the Setting of the Next Cloverfield Movie 

New Avengers 4 set pictures feature a SHIELD reunion. Detective Pikachu adds a new character. Legends of Tomorrow could be paying a visit to a former President’s teenage years. Plus, new pictures from Supergirl, and wild speculation about another comic character appearing in the next Spider-Man movie. Spoilers now!