The 'Harry Potter Effect': Books for Young Readers Got 115 Percent Longer in the Past Decade

It’s not just your imagination—kids’ books are getting longer and longer. Booklist’s Briana Shemroske surveyed middle-grade books (aimed at grades three-eight) and found their average page length was 290 in January 2016, up 115 percent from 2006—and up a staggering 173 percent from 1976.


Kazuo Ishiguro Has a Brilliant Response to People Who Think Genre Fiction Doesn’t Matter

If a primary task of fiction is to explore the human experience—who we are and what we mean to each other—then the fantastic and unreal must surely be key elements in that exploration. But plenty of people still claim that fantasy and other genres are less “real” than purely mimetic fiction. And Kazuo Ishiguro has the…