Last Night's Big American Horror Story Twist Was Kinda Bullshit

American Horror Story’s refusal to reveal its theme in advance was an early sign that season six would be more unusual than... well,usual. The first five episodes were formatted as a reality TV show—My Roanoke Nightmare—and last night’s episode six unveiled the much-rumored BIG TWIST. But the twist, sadly, was far…

All the Ways Lucifer Succeeded in Being Entertaining as Hell in Its First Season

Despite our initial misgivings—did we really need another police procedural?—Lucifer won us over fast. In fact, after just two episodes, we were ready to declare it the best supernatural detective show we’d ever seen. Now, with the finale airing tonight, we’re just as excited about the show as ever. Here’s why.

Chloe's Scifi Movie Queen Mom Finally Showed Up on Lucifer, and It Was Perfect

The first time we went to Chloe’s house, way back in episode two of Lucifer, we learned that her mother, Penelope, was a former science-fiction B-movie goddess. The show has been teasing her reveal all season, and last night, on “Pops,” the Vampire Queen herself finally turned up, played by a perfectly-cast Rebecca De…

This Week in Satanic TV: Lucifer Goes a Little Less Goofy, But Damien Stays Just as Grim

After all that flailing around after those damn missing wings, this week’s Lucifer, “Et Tu, Doctor?” was way light on the Satan stuff. The homicide du jour also took a back seat, as Lucifer came to the unpleasant realization that he was capable of jealousy—and Chloe’s corruption case took an unexpected turn.