Here's the Best and the Worst of Supergirl, in One Two-Minute Clip

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I kind of love Supergirl, but jeez is this show uneven. Just watch this clip, which showcases everything great about the series, followed immediately by everything terrible.

Spoilers ahead!

The Kryptonian storyline has somewhat ironically been Supergirl’s Kryptonite from day one, and last night’s penultimate episode proved that it’s continuing to be pretty terrible. Norm finally unleashed his plans for world domination, putting the humans under his insidious mind control, etc. etc.


(And in one hilarious scene, Superman shows up after having been offworld and immediately becomes a mindless drone. Not that they then use Superman to fight Supergirl, or do any of the other things you might do if you had Superman under your control. Nor does Supergirl ever go and check on her cousin. Everyone just leaves Superman trudging around on the street, almost like he’s reenacting that godawful storyline where he walks across America.)


Anyway. For some reason even though Norm is like the general of the Kryptonians or something, he just stands around his Kryptonian control room on his own, and his only henchperson now is Indigo, the cyber-Na’vi who likes rough cyber-sex. Scenes of villains manipulating each other almost never work, and this episode has some of the worst I’ve ever seen. [Edited to add: And among all the other Kryptonians who are apparently too busy to help Norm with his fiendish plans, what the hell happened to Captain Robau?]

So the Kryptonians have put everybody in National City under their insidious mind-control, except for Max Lord, Cat Grant and Supergirl. This leads to one of my favorite things ever: when somebody has a terrible, horribly extreme plan for stopping the bad guys, and all the good guys seriously consider going along with it. Like Riker almost killing Picard in “Best of Both Worlds,” and the Doctor almost causing widespread brain death in “The Parting of the Ways.” Max Lord has a crazy scheme to nuke National City, and Supergirl comes thisclose to going along with it. I love that.


But as you can see from the clip above, the best part of the episode—and of this show in general—is the heart, and the relationships between the characters. Especially Cat Grant and Supergirl. Here, Cat gives Supergirl probably the best of her patented pep talks, where she convinces Supergirl to use hope instead of fear, and to inspire people to break the mind control instead of just blowing everything up and killing thousands of people. It’s an amazing scene—if you’d told me that Callista Flockhart would be the best part of this show months ago, I’d have thought you were under Kryptonian mind control.

(Oh, and Flockhart joking about her real-life husband, Harrison Ford, was a fall-out-of-your-chair funny moment.)


So I’m dearly hoping that Supergirl gets a second season—in part, so the creators can find a way to build on the show’s strengths, and also to create villains who aren’t quite so godawfully camptastic. Somewhat campy? Great. But not kinky cybersmurf campy, please. Please?