Supergirl Paid Tribute to One of the All-Time Greatest Scenes of Superdickery

Monday’s episode of Supergirl was kinda forgettable... but it did give us the scene where Supergirl (who’s turned eeevil) goes into a bar and starts getting rowdy, flicking peanuts into the liquor bottles with her superstrength. Remind you of anything?



Yup, it’s drunk evil Superman from Superman III

Of all the versions of Superman storylines that Supergirl has given us, this might be my favorite. Too bad it didn’t end with Kara Danvers fighting Mean Supergirl in a junkyard. But we can’t have everything.



I knew Richard Pryor was to blame for Kara’s woe! With his super computer knowledge he got from taking one class.

Red Kryptonite Kara was fun little evil power trip but I hope they don’t go too far down the Kryptonite hole. Or if they do they give us the evil Pink Kryptonite that will lead to Kara kissing Lucy. But wait! It was just a pink normal rock all along!