The Darkest Minds Looks Like the Young X-Men Film We Never Knew We Wanted

Fox just released the first trailer for its adaptation of Alexandra Bracken’s scifi young adult series, The Darkest Minds. If you didn’t realize it was based on Bracken’s novels and took away the title, at first glance it’d honestly make for a pretty interesting looking member of the studio’s swathe of X-Men films.

YA Science Fiction Thriller The Final Six Has a Movie Deal and the Book Isn't Even Finished Yet

Author Alexandra Monir scored with her debut, Timeless, and its sequel, Timekeeper, are best-sellers in the YA supernatural romance realm. But her star’s about to rise even more now that Sony has picked up her in-progress “space thriller,” The Final Six, based on the strength of its first few chapters.

These Are Some of the Most Intriguing Young-Adult Novels Coming Out in 2016

Young-adult fiction is become more mature, as a publishing category. And that means that instead of a host of cookie-cutter books, that are all “dystopias” or whatnot, there’s a huge variety of subjects. ReadBreatheRelax has a great list of YA books coming in 2016, and what’s great is they all sound pretty different…