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It is the sometime dream of every trodden-upon desk jockey to turn their desk into the nexus of killing that will finally show them all. Takara, a favorite inventor of throw-away plastic gadgetry, has finally announced the first part of their series "Secret Base Station", which will be launched on June 24th—including, somehow, its own theme music.

The Secret Base Station series includes several modules, such as an "Emergency Button" (for shutting down the PC), a "Glitter Panel" (a LED panel to show mail receiving or state of CPU, etc.), a "Fire Launcher" (for starting and shutting down applications), and "Storm Bluster" (a USB fan with swing function). You'll have to install some software to customize applications, but that's a small price to pay to sooth the molten pearls of hatred that have grown around the rough sand of your broken dreams. Price is between $34 and $51, per item. (We can't wait for the hacks on these.)


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