Take a closer look at the worlds of Splice and Inception, plus new hints about Neuromancer

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There are clips and interviews aplenty for Splice. A new trailer takes us further inside the world of Inception. Plus Neuromancer, John Carter of Mars, Doctor Who, Stargate Universe, The Sorceror's Apprentice, and - for old time's sake - Lost.



We've got a ton of videos this morning. Let's start with this video interview with director Vincent Natali: [Fangoria]
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And now here's a clip from the movie itself:

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Finally, we may not have a video of him saying it, but producer Joel Silver has confirmed that practically nothing has been changed between the version of Splice that showed at Sundance and what is going to be released in theaters. It's pretty much just limited to a few reshoots for things that were done too quickly in the original filming, along with a couple tweaks to tighten the film up a bit. [Shock Till You Drop]


My breathless anticipation for Christopher Nolan's movie is getting dangerously close to self-asphyxiation. (Yeah...I'm a a bit of a Nolan fan.) Here's a new Japanese trailer to help ease the pain of waiting. It was shown on Japanese TV, and that's Ken Watanabe talking over the end of it. [Cinemablend]

John Carter of Mars:

If nothing else, all these pictures from the set are giving a really good sense what the desert is going to look like in this movie. Unfortunately, we're still not sure whether this is meant to be the Earth's desert, or something of a more Martian variety. Photos courtesy of John Carter Movie. [John Carter of Mars Movie]
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I Am Number Four:

The "aliens posing as humans" movie - which centers on Alex Pettyfer's Number Four, who pretends to be a high school student - has added a new cast member. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief star Jake Abel will play a football player who becomes one of Number Four's main rivals. [MTV Movies Blog]


Journey to the Center of the Earth 2:

The sequel to the movie that I'm sure some people would argue kicked off the whole 3D craze (the people who made it, for a start) has a new director in the form of Brad Peyton. He takes over for original movie director Eric Brevig, who is busy working on Yogi Bear. Peyton is just finishing up work on Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. One potential consequence of all this is that the kid from the first movie might take over as the main character, with Brendan Fraser not returning for the sequel. Which would be a shame, since he's about the only person goofy enough to make everything I just wrote sound vaguely likable. Either way, the new film is going to also be in 3D. [/Film]



Splice director Vincenzo Natali is heading up the adaptation of the William Gibson classic. He sees it as a story of redemption, and he wants to bring a highbrow structure to the movie: [Cinematical]

But I also think you can be quite faithful to the book. I think the movie can and should have a kind of literary structure to it, it shouldn't be a traditional film structure. I think we can have moments where we go into the past and digress. I'm sure one of the issues other writers have faced in writing the adaptation is that there's so much detail that you can get lost in it. I think you have to hone it down a little bit but also allow yourself to flashback to the Screaming Fist or tell Molly's story; just have a chapter in the movie that goes into the past. I think audiences are more than sophisticated enough to handle that.


The Sorceror's Apprentice:

Jerry Bruckheimer has some thoughts on the gleeful insanity that will be The Sorceror's Apprentice:
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Twilight Eclipse:

Apparently the entire Eclipse marketing campaign revolves around releasing fifty different slight (and we do mean slight) variations on the same basic poster. It must be nice to have a movie that really does just sell itself: [IGN]
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Doctor Who:

The second half of the Silurian two-parter has a few new pics up: [Spoiler TV]

Stargate Universe:

Chloe Armstrong's relationship with Scott will continue to be tested. And apparently the season finale is absolutely brutal:

Let's put it this way: I've seen it. And I'm very proud of the show. And, of course, being a part of it - but I showed it to a friend of mine who doesn't watch the show, who doesn't watch sci-fi. I showed her the last 20 minutes. She didn't even know what was going on. And she was clawing at me for information as to what happens after. She was like, "That can't be the end! NO! NO! That can't be the end!"




For old time's sake, let's do a couple Lost...well, I suppose they can't really be considered spoilers at this point, unless you consider the contents of future DVD extras spoilers. (And knowing some Lost fans...) Anyway, for those who heard Carlton Cuse say Malcolm David Kelley was going to return as Walt and then didn't see him in the finale, fear not! He will show up in the Season 6 DVDs. Also, for those still trying to puzzle out the finale, you can officially forget about the footage of Oceanic 815 over the end credits. Apparently the shot of the wreckage was just put in there by ABC to serve as a buffer between the end of the show and the local newscasts. It probably says something when the best transition you can come up with a shot of smoldering wreckage, but apparently it has nothing to do with the deeper mysteries of Lost. [Fancast]



Although the show somehow got renewed, it didn't earn a spot on ABC's fall schedule. Still, it might be back fairly soon, potentially as early as November. The idea is that it would go out after the superhero drama No Ordinary Family once the next season of Dancing with the Stars finishes up. [Fancast]



Caprica, on the other hand, is still stuck in limbo. It's not canceled, exactly, but it apparently won't be renewed any time soon either. Apparently no decisions actually have to be made until the actors' contracts are up, which isn't until August. [Caprica TV]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.



What the frak? SyFy hasn't renew Caprica yet??? Are they trying to figure out how to incorporate WWF into the show?